2020 Subaru Crosstrek

As you continue adjusting to a new level of normalcy, you understandably have many worries and responsibilities that are pulling you in various directions. While each of our customers’ has unique needs and concerns, they all share one important trait. They want to remain safe on the road in a well-maintained vehicle. What does it take to keep your Subaru maintained properly going forward?

Change the Engine Oil Regularly

Following your Subaru’s recommended maintenance plan is essential for its short-term and long-term condition. This holds true even if you are driving your Subaru less frequently. By changing the engine’s oil regularly, excessive wear related to friction and overheating can be minimized. This simple step can help you to avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

When is the last time a certified mechanic professionally inspected your Subaru? Our technicians at Farrish are happy to give your vehicle the full attention that it needs today. We can identify all outstanding maintenance services that are due and all developing issues that should be resolved today to avoid a breakdown or another severe problem in the future.

Enjoy Driving Your Subaru

When vehicles are not driven regularly as they were designed for, everything from the brakes and tires to the hoses, belts, and other parts will gradually weaken, rust, or develop a variety of other issues. Whether you are starting to drive more again or preparing to do so, now is the perfect time to drive your Subaru to our service shop for the maintenance attention that it needs.