Subaru Oil Change Service


Regular oil change services are essential for your Subaru's ongoing maintenance. We are excited about telling you about our current specials at Farrish Subaru that can help you save money on the services that your vehicle needs today.

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Benefits of a Oil Change Service

When fresh oil flows throughout your Subaru's engine, the potentially destructive forces of heat and friction are dramatically mitigated. As the oil continues to pass through the engine, it will become thicker and darker with dirt particles and more. When this happens, the oil is less effective at lubricating the engine. The best time to schedule an oil change service is before the oil has become overly dirty and thick. At Farrish Subaru, we are happy to complete scheduled maintenance services like an oil change and more. During the oil change service, we can replace the oil filter and complete any other outstanding maintenance services that are due.

Subaru Oil Change Service

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Regular oil change services are vital to your Subaru's ongoing and excellent condition, so you cannot take chances by placing your vehicle in untrusted hands. At Farrish Subaru, every auto tech who may be assisted to work on your car is adequately qualified through extensive training and experience. We only utilize high-grade oil and advanced tools and equipment. Through this beautiful combination, we can produce the exceptional results that you expect for your vehicle. Also, because our technicians have true expertise, they can address all of your car's other service needs during your next visit. We also have the resources to service your other makes and models.

Fairfax Oil Change Service

From premium-grade replacement oil to OEM oil filters and more, our service center's technicians always use high-level replacement parts and fluids to deliver exceptional results. Other oil and lube shops in the area may cut corners with low-grade aftermarket parts, but this is not the case at Farrish Subaru. Call the office today to make your next oil change service appointment.


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